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"Black America's Silent Epidemic"  

Directed by Erin Lovett (née Crumpacker) 


Journalist Lisa Ling explores why the HIV rate is disproportionately high in black America by looking at the social and economic forces that drive the epidemic. Across the country, she meets HIV-positive black men and women who are fighting both the stigma and the disease.



* 2014 Sentinel Award Winner  - The U.S. Center for Disease Control and USC Annenberg's Norman Lear Center recognized "Black America's Silent Epidemic" for its exemplary achievement in TV storyline that informs, educates and motivates viewers to make choices for healthier, safer lives.

"Teen Mom Nation: 2 Years Later" 

 Directed by Erin Lovett (née Crumpacker) 


In Season 2 of Our America, Lisa Ling met four very different pregnant teens, all forced to grow up too fast. Two years later she revisits Latanya and Sophie to see how their youthful decisions on motherhood have changed their lives.

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