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In THIS IS LIFE, award-winning journalist Lisa Ling goes on a gritty, breathtaking journey to far corners of America. 


"Intolerable: Sex Crimes in the Military" 

Directed by Erin Lovett 

Lisa investigates what may finally be a tipping point for true reform in the decades-long history of sexual assault and harassment in the military.





"Children of Killers" 

Directed by Erin Lovett (née Crumpacker)


When a violent crime is committed, all eyes are on the offender or the victim, but  there are often those experiencing pain who remain unseen.  In this hour, Lisa meets the son of a terrorist and the daughter of a serial killer to explore the trauma and stigma afflicting children of violent offenders. 

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"The Satanists Next Door" 

 Directed by Erin Lovett (née Crumpacker)


Lisa dives into the belief system of the Satanic Temple, a religious organization of rebellious activists who use Satan as a symbol to fight the encroachment of Christianity where Church and State is supposed to remain separate.  In Detroit, she meets up with Satanists facing local opposition as they plan to unveil their own religious symbol - a nine-foot, one ton, goat-headed statue called Baphomet.

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"21st Century Brothel" 

Directed by Erin Lovett (née Crumpacker)

In America, there is one state where men and women can go to legally pay for sex. In Nevada, Lisa meets women working in legalized brothels to understand how the system works and where it fails. 

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"Children of the Prophet" 

Directed by Erin Lovett (née Crumpacker) 

In this exclusive, Roy and Becky Jeffs, son and daughter of Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints self-proclaimed prophet Warren Jeffs, step forward to tell their own stories of their father's sexual abuse, child brides, and dangerous control over both his family and his followers.

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